Time of Wrath - German version released

We are more than happy to inform that the Time of Wrath has been released in German language.

Time of Wrath German version

1.70 Patch has been just released.

Full list of changes can be found HERE and HERE.

Download it now

1.70 Patch for Matrix and GamersGate version

Patch 1.70 has been just released.

Full list of changes can be found HERE.

Download it now

Patch for other Publishers will be available soon.

MAC version available!

We are really happy to annouce that the Time of Wrath for Mac has been released. An updated (to 1.60) version of the game can be bought at Mac Games Arcade and GamersGate

1.60 Patch

Patch 1.60 has been just released.

Download it now

Time of Wrath at Impulse Driven

We are happy to annouce that World War 2: Time of Wrath is now available at Impulse Driven!

Check the details here

Giveaway Contest!

You could win a free copy of WW2: Time of Wrath just by answering a few trivia questions!

More details here

Demo available

Time of Wrath demo allows to play for 15 turns in Grand Campaign

Get the demo here

Hotfix 1.50A available

Changes included in the update are:
- Corrected possible CTD in PBEM games
- Reduced commander's experience gain rate when defending
- Increased losses in air strike (land units)
- Reduced AI air audacity
- Decreased losses in air strike (air units)
- Reduced GPU usage

Get the update here

Time of Wrath going Gold

We are happy to annouce that World War2: Time of Wrath can be bought at Matrix Games and at GamersGate

Time of Wrath Developer Feature on AGC

Armchair General has published the developer's notes for WW2: Time of Wrath. You can read them here

Time of Wrath to be published with Matrix

We are happy to inform that Time of Wrath will be published by Matrix Games
More details here

Developers Preview AAR

To give you a more detailed information about the game, we would like to invite to reading our Developers After Action Report, written by dooya.
Follow this link to get many detailed informations about the game from the first hand.

New game images

Check the gallery section to see latest images from first Release Candidate.

Time of Wrath

Welcome everybody.

At the beginning I would like to thank you all for so much support given to us for the last two years. Since that time we have gained a lot of experience and learned much more than we thought we could at the beginning of our adventure with game development. Every time I look back I'm more convinced that it was the best choice in my life. Combining passion with work is the best thing that can happened to somebody's career.

Keeping in mind that producing games requires constant improvement we are happy to announce that we are preparing for our first independent release. World War 2: Time of Wrath is a turn based strategy game made solely by Wastelands Interactive. With this release we have decided to combine simplicity of rules with deep reflection of historical military situation. We have designed World War 2: Time of Wrath in a way that will allow both novice and experienced players to find settings fitting their skills. Player can freely choose difficulty level and countries he will control during the game. Also basing on our own gaming experiences, we have decided that the game should give modders as much freedom as possible, so almost everything in the game can be changed.

We believe that World War 2: Time of Wrath can follow the path of the greatest turn based strategy games series, and assure players that Strategies are Cool!